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How To Select A Gift Box Material

Sunboo Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Clothes make the man, beautiful beautiful outfit, equally exquisite gift box gift sale also played a very important role, especially to attract consumers, increase the added value of products, and promotes the enterprise brand. Tsun Yip packaging manufacturers, specializing in the design and production of fine gift box 14, has extensive experience in packaging production design, Tsun Yip manufacturers experienced business managers have to share in the box packaging manufacturers in the choice of gift packaging materials selection is very broad.
How to select a gift box material
In luxury gift box on the selection of materials, paper container is still the primary position, leather, wood, plastic, metal, proportional increase than in the past, natural materials such as bamboo, willow, grass is still less. For some luxury gifts are wood-packaging material. Flashing their civilization and natural temperament. In box with red wine, for example. Wine packaging boxes work programme based on when the village features and dense wine culture, wine packaging box plans use a lot of wood to create a box with red wine, and added to the box within wine bottles suited to scrub the straw wine. The village civilization characterized by a dense red wine. Plans the box with red wine and wine culture of harmony and mutual.
Paper tray in the container and have a certain advantage, according to the different gifts, material selection there are also differences: 1, low grade Gift Pack box: a selection of more than 350 g white board print film, die-cut shape. B, slightly upscale selection 300 g white board mounted paper card printing, laminating and die-cut shape. 2, medium gift packaging boxes: print selection 250 g-300 g dominant foil paper jam with 300 grams of dominant white board mounted into cardboard, coated printing die-cut.